Day 4: Voulolimni – Elafonissi

Total distance: 9.21 km
Average speed: 6.17 km/h
Total time: 01:43:36
Download file: Kayak-Voulolimni-Elafonissi-Short030718.gpx


Today I am finishing what I had planned to do yesterday, get to Elafonissi.
The forecast is not much different, but the plan is. I am going to beat the wind on time, as I have seen it pick up only mid-morning.

After a relatively early rise, I set off from Voulolimni confident that I have time to get out before the serious wind, and it’s less than two hours paddling anyway.

The plan works.
I pass the monastery of the Golden Step quickly. I take a brief look at Asprolimni, White Lake, another circular lagoon which doesn’t have a good entrance for my boat though. I watch the Theophrastus palm tree from a distance. These palm trees are the only European palm trees, they famously grow on Vai beach on the other side of Crete, on the East coast, but there is a very small patch of them also here.

There is little wind, and some wave pushing me from behind. Past the harbour, I get to the shallow rocks and navigate through them for some fun. Then around the low outcrop, and Elafonissi comes into view. It’s smooth paddling, I’m just taking it easy.

I go around the peninsula of Elafonissi, have a close look at the church and lighthouse. More shallow rocks, and when I turn around on the East sheltered side, the water is completely flat and clear, though the wind is still blowing.

It’s a hot day. The sandy coves are filling up with people, seeking cooling respite in the chilly water. I spot family! We take some pictures on the pink sand. Giulia and Sofia join me on the kayak and we paddle together to the shore.

An easy, quick, good day.

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