Kayaking from Afrata

Kayak Cliffs Afrata

We went out with Spiros for a paddle along the Rodopo peninsula, starting from Afrata and going North. The air was quite still, we were sheltered from the West wind by the mountains. There was a good swell though. It was not so big when we started, but by the time we passed the first big headland North of Afrata we had some waves higher than 1m, as proved by the disappearing of the horizon.

Kayak along Rodopo peninsula

I paddled in a regular sit-inside sea kayak that I borrowed from some friends, and while not an absolute first time, it took me a while to get used to it. While Spiros was enjoying paddling very close to the coastline, I was keeping a safe distance, and I was mostly feeling dizzy, then hungry and tired. Later I realized I was just not well that day.

Caves on the cliffs

Things improved a little after I tested getting back in the kayak from the water, and made it quite easily. With the knowledge that I could get in and out at will, at least in decent sea conditions,, I felt better prepared for snorkelling and emergencies, and relaxed.

A kingfisher on the rocks
A kingfisher on the rocks

We paddled about 10Km in total. We saw lots of cliffs, some caves, some interesting deep, wide bays. We had some boiling sea where the swell was hitting the vertical walls and rebounding straight back. In the end I even tried doing a roll, and realized soon that I wouldn’t be able to do it on the first go based on pure instinct! Still fun.

Total distance: 10.52 km
Average speed: 4.09 km/h
Total time: 03:16:23
Download file: Kayak-Afrata-Short031120192.gpx