Kayak Sfinari to Falasarna – First time out in these new times

Restrictions to movements have just been lifted, and a few of us have been itching to go out at sea, what with the spring coming and having been stuck at home for what felt like a really long time.

The day promises to be good, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s absolute calm when we launch from Sfinari, and it will stay like that except for a moment in Falasarna bay just before we land.

Martin and Spiros came along today. We passed by the cliffs near Kokkina Gremna, we navigated through the shallow rocks over the turquoise water, we explored the low rock tunnels ending into secret pools, we paddled by the offshore islets, we cruised over the shipwreck and I even jumped in the still cold sea.

A great day out kayaking along a beautiful section of West Crete coastline. Liberating.

To repeat again soon!


Kayaking in the winter – circumnavigation of Elafonissi

February 29th. There is some oddity in the air, it’s the carnival weekend in Greece but official celebrations have been cancelled over epidemic fears.

It’s a sunny day, so we head South with some friends to spend the day in Elafonissi.

When we get there, it’s windier than expected, but we launch anyway. We launch from the West side of the peninsula to circumnavigate anti-clockwise. First we ferry the non-kayaking crew across one of the channels that open in the winter and cut off the peninsula, making it technically an island.

Then we paddle into the East breeze. It’s cool, even wearing some gear. We can’t avoid splashing ourselves. We ride some waves and we get to the passage between the shallow rocks on the South-West tip. We navigate perilously with the waves picking us up and then coming from the side, but we manage to reach safety unscathed.

From the sheltered side, it’s easy going. The sea is flat now and we can just enjoy the scenery. We pass all the little beaches and we join the girls on one of them. We land on a sheltered spot, then we go for a swim.

The best part is around the corner though, there’s another channel with unbelievable colours, from gold to pink on land and from emerald to turquoise in the shallow water. We navigate into the channel, in very shallow water and strong current.

In the end we get back, ferry the group 2-3 at a time across again, and go for a picnic behind a sand dune. A day to appreciate the colours of nature.

Total distance: 5.54 km
Average speed: 4.90 km/h
Total time: 02:37:19
Download file: Kayak-Elafonissi-Short01032020.gpx

Kayaking in Elafonissi and Kedrodasos

Kayak in Elafonissi

Early December and the weather is still great. The sea is about 21° C, and on this day it would be pretty still on the South of the island, so I went out for a paddle from Elafonissi, which to me always brings to mind the idea of a tropical beach.

Nobody was on the road on the almost one-hour drive there. In the summer there is a continuous flow of cars and buses going back and forth. Around the beach, there were a few campers with campervans. I launched in dead calm sea from one of the small coves on the East side.

I paddled easy, playing hide and seek with shags. I admired the clearness of the water and the amazing visibility to the sea bottom.

After about one hour, I reached Viena, a hidden cove that is incredibly well sheltered. There are ruins of an ancient sanctuary on the shore. I had a quick snack and got back in the water.

I considered snorkelling around the shallow rocks, but the cool slight breeze that had picked convinced me against it for the moment. I navigated through the rocks instead and paddled back towards Kedrodasos little beaches.

I watched the turquoise sea under me and the cedar trees to the side. A good size rock offered a goal, and I paddled on.

I must have been now less than 1Km away from the start. After tying the kayak rope around my waist, I jumped in with mask and snorkel, swimming towards shore. I spotted a couple of small cornetfish in the shallow water.

It was a good, relaxing winter day out.

Total distance: 12.22 km
Average speed: 5.10 km/h
Total time: 02:40:32
Download file: Kayak-Elafonissi-Short03122019.gpx

Kayaking on Crete’s West coast

Kayaking in Sfinari

Early Autumn and the sea in West Crete is so inviting.

We took some sit-on-top kayaks and went out from Sfinari beach, near Kissamos. Around to Platanakia beach and on towards Afratolakkos.

We tied the kayaks to ourselves and towed them for a long snorkel, with plenty of time to jump in and explore the beautiful sea life and the impressive underwater rocky landscape.

A great day out with the Italian team.


Total distance: 8.05 km
Average speed: 4.02 km/h
Total time: 03:04:15
Download file: Kayak-Sfinari-Short17102019.gpx