Kayaking in Elafonissi and Kedrodasos

Kayak in Elafonissi

Early December and the weather is still great. The sea is about 21° C, and on this day it would be pretty still on the South of the island, so I went out for a paddle from Elafonissi, which to me always brings to mind the idea of a tropical beach.

Nobody was on the road on the almost one-hour drive there. In the summer there is a continuous flow of cars and buses going back and forth. Around the beach, there were a few campers with campervans. I launched in dead calm sea from one of the small coves on the East side.

I paddled easy, playing hide and seek with shags. I admired the clearness of the water and the amazing visibility to the sea bottom.

After about one hour, I reached Viena, a hidden cove that is incredibly well sheltered. There are ruins of an ancient sanctuary on the shore. I had a quick snack and got back in the water.

I considered snorkelling around the shallow rocks, but the cool slight breeze that had picked convinced me against it for the moment. I navigated through the rocks instead and paddled back towards Kedrodasos little beaches.

I watched the turquoise sea under me and the cedar trees to the side. A good size rock offered a goal, and I paddled on.

I must have been now less than 1Km away from the start. After tying the kayak rope around my waist, I jumped in with mask and snorkel, swimming towards shore. I spotted a couple of small cornetfish in the shallow water.

It was a good, relaxing winter day out.

Total distance: 12.22 km
Average speed: 5.10 km/h
Total time: 02:40:32
Download file: Kayak-Elafonissi-Short03122019.gpx