Kayaking from Ravdoucha

Kayak Manu in Ravdoucha

Today we had a little adventure kayaking on the edge of Kissamos Bay. We started from Ravdoucha, as we thought we would be sheltered on this side.

Kayaking Sky

But as soon as we left the bay the wind started blowing from South-West, and it grew as we were out.  We rode the wind and the small waves for a fun time, an hour or so, then we found shelter in a small bay. We only had the time for a quick break and a bite, not even a swim – the wind grew even more during our break, to the point that the bay no longer offered shelter. We looked back, and the sea had become a lot whiter. On top of that, the sky that looked so clear in the morning, turned really dark towards Gramvousa and North-West.

Kayak Break in sheltered bay

So we turned around and resigned to get back, as quickly as possible, against the wind. We had an hour and a half of just paddling into the wind, without any breaks and without any talking. A rib with some divers passed us and asked Spiros whether we needed towing. He said no, we were almost back at that point. Still, we couldn’t resist a little playing between some rocks!

Kayak Paddling

In the end, we beat the storm to the little harbour in Ravdoucha. We managed to get everything packed away and the kayaks on the car before the rain. The storm arrived relatively slowly, only in the afternoon. The lightning and the flooding knocked out the power in our village for almost a day, and our telephone landline and internet for a week now and counting!

Total distance: 10.87 km
Average speed: 4.55 km/h
Total time: 02:38:39
Download file: Kayak-Ravdoucha-Short10112019.gpx