Day 8: Chora Sfakion – Souda

Total distance: 24.51 km
Average speed: 5.52 km/h
Total time: 06:22:00
Download file: Kayak-ChoraSfakion-SoudaPlakias-Short110718.gpx


Today we start all together, a short family trip. We drive to Chora Sfakion and it takes a while. The kayak is still there after a couple of nights.
By the time I set off it’s late, it’s noon already! It’s also pretty hot, the water too!

Right away I see some caves, including one with an open ceiling which I visit. I don’t want to rush it too much today. I pass between some rocks, then I see some small nice beaches and clear waters. Around a rocky outcrop, I see Filaki, that is Prison beach, which looks especially good. I jump in for a swim, but I don’t push myself hard enough off the kayak and hit the side with my shin. I get a big bruise and deep wound as a result. I can see the white bone underneath! I abandon the swimming pretty soon. I resume paddling. It’s painful.

Luckily the coastline is pretty interesting here, lots of little caves. I have been able to see Frangokastelo, my midday stop, for a while. After the last caves I aim straight for it. The waves have grown now, and I see plenty crashing on shallow rocks near a harbour. I know there’s a beach on the other side which is sheltered. I try to find a passage through the really shallow rocks and ride some fun waves. Then I turn back and go all the way around. I land and we have lunch all together on the windy side, in the shade of our beach tent.

I snooze a bit after a lunch, at this point I am not super pumped at the idea of paddling again. The wound burns and it’s hot. I get in the kayak and just go. I need to cool down, I go in for a swim, it feels better. I see a series of pretty beaches, worth a visit. The place looks good for snorkelling too. I see some fishing nets, always a good sign.

It’s not long before I am in Korakas, where I am meeting the family. The water is actually less nice there. I decide on the spot I can keep going a bit further, after a little snack of a few biscuits. So on I go, along an eroded stretch of coast. Till I get to an interesting tall rocky outcrop, around which I see Plakias. Meeting point is in Souda though, the beach before.

I meet the last challenge of the day just before Souda. I can see big ripples in front in an otherwise completely flat sea. There is some freak wind blowing offshore, it’s really strong and goes in gusts. Maybe the famous katabatic wind? Whatever it is, it’s powerful and I have to be very careful to keep balance and put all my energy into this last crossing. As I approach Souda beach, it blows against me, so the last few hundred metres I am paddling into it. At last I make it to shore, and park the kayak next to a pedal boat. We rent a room and have dinner in Plakias, a proper tourist resort, not worth a second visit!

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